Cuba: Design Journal #6 Farmacia, Santa Clara

May 8, 2017

Cuba: Design Journal #6 Farmacia, Santa Clara 💫

A step inside a national pharmacy is a real insight into everyday Cuban life. The retro decor, clashing colours, Cuban flags, handwritten receipts and long lines of locals seems a world away from the sterile pharmacies found in other parts of the world. A prescription is needed for even basic medication, however customers can purchase medicines made from natural ingredients, such as syrups, tinctures and vegetable essences without, many of which are handmade on site. 

The pharmaceutical world in Cuba has faced many struggles - natural disasters, the end of Soviet aid, the embargo imposed by the USA amongst the ongoing difficulties faced by a poor developing economy.  But Cuba has built a strong health service, with the absence of most tropical diseases. The very real conflict is in the shortage of essential medications, and the existence of two pharmacy systems. With only 46 'international pharmacies' (mostly in hotels) which stock a wider range, nationals often find themselves in desperate situations. Although more complex medicine is available in these international pharmacies it is sold in the tourist currency, CUC, which is 25 x the value of the local currency, making it impossible for many Cubans to purchase.


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 by Sophie Osborne

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